About Silex Insight

Founded in 1991, Silex Insight is a recognized market-leading independent supplier of two offerings; One is Security IP solutions for embedded systems, while the other offering is custom OEM solutions for AV over IP and video IP codec.

The security platforms and solutions from Silex Insight include flexible and high-performance crypto-engines which are easy to integrate and a eSecure IP module which provides a complete security solution for all platforms.

Custom OEM solutions for AV over IP and video IP codec, Silex Insight provides high-end image and video compression solutions for distributing low latency, 4K HDR video over IP.

Development and manufacturing take place at the headquarters near Brussels, Belgium .

Markets and application areas:

  • Image and video processing
  • IoT
  • Automotive (V2x, HSM)
  • Payment
  • Wearable devices
  • Healthcare
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Communications
  • Industrial electronics
  • Defense and aerospace

Key competences for your benefit

Security and especially data encryption projects, developed for players of the electronic payment market, brought us advanced competences in this area. These high level competences allow us to provide a comprehensive range of complete security solutions or offer highly flexible cryptographic cores used for symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

Image and video processing has been a key competence since the start of Silex Insight in 1991. As a logical outcome of several projects performed in the Barco group, our engineers are experts at implementing real time, high performance image processing algorithms onto dedicated hardware. This is particularly true for image and video compression, where we also offer the best in class video codecs like JPEG2000, VC-2 HQ, MPEG2 and  JPEG IP cores. In 2016 , we added the production and sales of Video over IP boards to our activities.


Silex Insight roadmap

1991: Founded as Silex, ASIC/FPGA design house in Belgium

1995: Acquired by the Barco group, renamed to Barco Silex

1999: 1st SoC development for payment terminal

2003: Introduction of JPEG2000 IP cores for FPGAs

2006: 1st HSM development

2011: Development of Public Key and AES cryptographic IP cores

2015: Development VC-2 HQ IP cores: lightweight low delay codec

2016: Development of VIPER: a HDMI over IP OEM board

2016: Introduction of eSecure: Embedded Security IP

2018: Renamed to Silex Insight after MBO

Silex Insight is certified ISO 9001:2015